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Great Britain Illustrated Map

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Add a splash of vibrant color and British love to your home with this beautiful watercolor map of Great Britain.

A gorgeous digital file you can print at home or in a professional print shop to bring any wall or room to life, this watercolor map of the United Kingdom comes in high-resolution (300 DPI) and three different sizes.

Great gift for travel lovers and proud Brits alike.

What’s included:

You’ll receive a compressed folder with 6 different digital files:

  • 8”x10” inches, 300 DPI, High-Resolution, in JPG format
  • 8”x10” inches, 300 DPI, High-Resolution, in PDF format
  • 11”x14” inches, 300 DPI, High-Resolution, in JPG format
  • 11”x14” inches, 300 DPI, High-Resolution, in PDF format
  • 16”x20” inches, 300 DPI, High-Resolution, in JPG format
  • 16”x20” inches, 300 DPI, High-Resolution, in PDF format

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